First Video about E-collar Alternative “Cover me by Tui” Available on Youtube

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E-collar Alternative, Cover me by Tui now available in 2 new colors

The Cover me by Tui, post surgery pet garment is now available in 2 more Colors. These are Pink and Blue. This is the perfect alternative to the classic Elizabethan or E-collar for use on your dogs and cats. With the new color addition, you have more options to chose from for your pet

Many pet owners decide to neuter or spay their dogs and cats. The recovery period after the surgery is crucial to the well-being of the pet. Without a suitable restraint, there is a great chance of the pet licking at the spot.

The E-collar was created to prevent your dogs and cats from licking at surgical sutures and hot spots. Unfortunately, the classic Elizabethan, lampshade style collars are bulky and have a lot of negative effects. Many pets end up running into walls, house furniture and their owners. This causes a lot of frustration for everyone.

The Cover me by Tui, exclusive to Tulanes Closet, is designed with your pet in mind. It gives all the benefits of the e-collar without the side effects. It prevents licking & chewing at the sutures & hot spots. This e-collar alternative is made of comfortable, breathable and washable cotton material. It is even fitted with a Built-in “Potty Cover” so you do not have to remove it for your pet to relieve itself.

The Cover me by Tui e-collar alternative is presented in seven sizes, that can accommodate whatever breed of dog or cat you have, from the smallest chihuahua to large great danes. You also have the option to choose from short or long sleeves.

Getting your pet to wear the Cover Me by Tui is easy. The e-collar alternative is available in two styles: Step-Into & Pullover and the instructions for putting them on are simple and straightforward.

The Cover Me by TUi post surgery pet garment is very affordable and you can order directly from the website or by phone. It is available for individual pieces and bulk for wholesalers. Tulanes Closet offers excellent customer service and support to current and potential clients.

Join our list of satisfied customers by ordering your Cover me by Tui today from Tulanes Closet today.
You can call 636-447-1659.

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